Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

This class is designed for singles or couples who are planning to breastfeed of chestfeed their baby.  Studies show that people who receive breastfeeding education before having their baby are more successful at meeting their goals.  This class covers the basics of breastfeeding for the first six weeks of your babies life to get you off to a great start!  This class also covers a look at breastfeeding beyond 6 weeks, what to expect and how partners can help.


The Ultimate Pregnancy,  Birth and Baby Childbirth Education Class  

Kimberly’s class embodies the wisdom of the many Midwives and OB providers that she has worked with over the last 26 years, along with her experience as an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Birth Doula/Birthworkers, Student Midwife, Mother and Grandmother.  Her class uplifts it’s participants and helps them to feel more knowledgeable, comfortable and excited about the birth experience as well as what to expect after the baby’s arrival. The birthing person and their partner finish the series feeling prepared for the birth and for their new role as parents.


Weaning with Love 

When you are ready join Kimberly Durdin IBCLC to learn gentle tools as you begin and encourage the weaning process.  Your little one has grown healthy and strong, yet as time goes on, you are aware that your relationship with your child through nursing at the breast will one day come to an end.  Move through the season of weaning with as much consciousness and love as you have put into establishing this primary bond.