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Encouraging the Home Educator with Jen Simons

Montessori, Unschooling, child-led, classical education, hybrid homeschooling... Taking on the role of Parent Educator isn't easy. On top of the day to day tasks that come with motherhood, wearing the teacher hat adds another layer to parenthood which means more time with your kids (we all know you love them dearly), but usually means less time to yourself. Have you asked yourself lately, How are YOU doing? This group isn't about your choice in curriculum, or teaching style. This group is here to provide you that much needed encouragement to get through another week of science experiments, reading that huge stack of library books at bedtime and all the other awesome things that come with homeschooling.

If you currently homeschool (unschool, classical, hybrid, out-source, online etc.) or you are interested in moving down this path, this group is made just for you.

Topics will rotate on a monthly basis, but we will stay flexible to best meet the needs of those in attendance.