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NICU Parents Support with Charisse Sims

The NICU life is a unique one, often times an intimate and personal one. You share a special bond with others in the NICU because you know there is an unspoken bond and understanding. NICU trauma is real, and often times it can be hard to talk about or even sort through your feelings and experiences. “Stay strong.” “Everything Happens for a reason.” “You’ll get through this.” Are sweet and obvious things to say but don’t always help through the process. We’re here to offer a safe space for support and healing for NICU families. Come share or don’t share, sit and listen, feel without judgement and hopefully receive a little peace and strength. Whether you are mom, dad, grandma or auntie, you may benefit from the support. We have a lot of plans surrounding birth but never do we plan for a NICU stay, maybe we should start. If you are pregnant you are welcome to join this group. Not because we wish your baby a NICU stay, just because sharing birth experiences is always powerful and beneficial. And, the more you know right?! Moms, spouses, siblings, caregivers, family, all are welcome! We look forward to seeing you all the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month from 10-11am at Kindred Space LA!

Fathers, Partners, Family members and children all are welcome.

Suggested Love Donation of $10 to benefit the Birthing People Foundation payable at the door. Contact Charisse Sims at to let her know if you will be attending.