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EmbodyWorkLA: Take Back the Speculum!

This class offers information, tools and practices to empower you to fully step into your sovereignty, eradicate any shreds of inherited shame, and take charge of your choice, health, and sexual wellbeing. 
Cuz your doctor works for you. 
Not the other way around.

We will cover: an overview of the spectrum of healthy sexual anatomy, an opportunity to participate in the Gallery that Destroys All Shame, a demonstration of a cervical self exam, and an opportunity for all participants to examine themselves (and, if desired and permitted, observe others) under supervision. 

Open to all humans with an interior sexual anatomy who would enjoy taking back their total authority and seeing their own glorious bodies on their own terms.

This class will be taught by Pamela Samuelson and co-facilitated by Carol Downer and several of the amazing members of the Feminist Health Alliance.

*Suggested donation $20
*No one turned away for lack of $
*A healthy percentage of all proceeds will go toward building the Feminist Health Alliance database
*Address provided upon registration 
*Send donation of choice to Pamela-Samuelson on Venmo ⚡️