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Birthing People Foundation Birthworker Training

Thank you for your interest in the Birthing People’s Foundation Birthworker Training!

Training will be held in Los Angeles at our office and teaching space, Kindred Space LA on January 17, 18, 19 and 20. We will have four very full and packed days of learning and sharing.

You all are the change makers for our world and for the future generations!

We believe that just your desire to support birthing families is already a huge contribution to the healing of the planet.

The time is now to put your desire into motion. My job and the job of our co-facilitators is to activate that which is already within you and ready to serve.

That being said no one training, workshop, certification, license or otherwise can do it all for you on this journey. Your learning with be lifelong, with experiences gleaned from your own family life, the experiences of other families, as well as the stories you will hear and share with other birth workers and others on this path.

Our training speaks to the needs of not only families of color, but birthworkers of color,  This training is a call-of-action addressing what we know to be true (and documented in study after study), that to decrease rates of maternal and infant morbidity and mortality in black,brown,indigenous and marginalized communities,we must have birthworkers from these very same communities...Birthworkers of color fill an invaluable role,they save lives and our society needs more of them.

Our Training will cover all aspects of the birth & postpartum birthworker (doula) experience. Once training is complete you should have the basics you need to start or enhance your journey as a birthworker. However in order to become "certified" additional requirements need to be met.

The cost of our training is $650 for the entire birth and postpartum training.To hold your spot please remit a non-refundable $150 deposit by October 1, 2019. Once you remit your deposit additional information will be sent to you to fill out and email back to me. There is pre-homework before the training as well. You can also choose to pay-in-full, create a payment plan, and or request sliding scale option to meet your needs.  Whatever payment arrangement is agreed upon, training cost need to be paid in full by January 1st, 2019.

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL!!!! Pay in full by OCTOBER 1th and pay only $500 for training.

Feel free to remit payment to me through Paypal or Venmo using my email address.( Put “Birthing People Foundation Training JANUARY 2020” in the comments or memo) Other payment options are available too.

Also included is unlimited access to Childbirth Class Series and Breastfeeding classes taught by Kimberly Durdin, unlimited phone/text support and consulting from our facilitators as you travel your doula/birthworker journey, access to a private Facebook group specifically designed for our trainees,which provides ongoing education, all training materials,articles of interest and communication among trainees and trainers, and referrals to families looking for the support of birthworkers like you.